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Over 15,000 denied entry to towns during Lithuania's Easter travel ban

The police fined over 200 people in Lithuania for breaking quarantine restrictions over the Easter weekend, while about 15,000 drivers were prevented from entering towns and cities across the country.

Over the three days from Saturday to Monday, the police filed 231 administrative offence reports, police spokesman Ramūnas Matonis told BNS.

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Fines for breaking the quarantine rules range from 500 to 1,500 euros for private individuals and from 1,500 to 6,000 euros for businesses.

In a bid to prevent the disease from spreading over Easter, cities and towns across Lithuania were closed to non-residents over the weekend.

Around 15,000 cars were not allowed to pass through police roadblocks set up outside cities and towns between Friday evening and Monday evening, according to Matonis.

“Around 100,000 cars were checked and some 15,000, or about one in six, were denied entry,” he said.

The intercity travel restrictions were lifted on Monday evening.

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Around 4,000 police officers involved in the operation

Almost 4,000 police officers, as well as volunteers and representatives of other services were involved in the operation in Lithuania, Police Commissioner General Renatas Požėla said on Tuesday.

It was the largest operation of that kind in the country's history, he said.

"We had an unprecedented operation in terms of its scope and duration over the last weekend as some 4,000 police officers worked from Friday night until Monday night," Požėla told reporters on Tuesday.

The police chief also thanked members of the Lithuanian Riflemen's Union, the military police and other officers for their assistance in doing "this massive job".

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