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Roads into Lithuanian cities to close over Easter – key details

As Lithuania limits intercity travel over Easter weekend, the authorities will establish checkpoints around major towns manned by the police, the military and the Riflemen’s Union.

From 20:00 on Friday until 20:00 on Monday, people will not be able to enter municipalities other than their place of residence.

The restrictions will not apply when travelling to attend funerals of family members, in cases of grave illness or injury, as well as when travelling for work or to get urgent medical assistance. Non-residents will also be allowed to enter municipalities where they own property.

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According to the police in Klaipėda, Lithuania’s third largest city, entry and exit will only be permitted only via established roadblocks.

“Officers will be well-meaning, but if there will be [any] suspicions, the officers will note down personal information," said Andromeda Grauslienė from the Klaipėda police, "and if it turns out later that the person was lying, they will be liable".

The information provided to officers will be recorded and might be checked during the next two years, according to Interior Minister Rita Tamašunienė.

“The police will record information and [if you don’t have a] respective document, [...] it certainly won’t happen that the officer will prevent you from entering the city,” she told the Žinių Radijas radio on Thursday.

According to Tamašunienė, the proof could be a picture on your phone of “a certificate issued by the Centre of Registers, for example, or a picture of a registry file showing that you are the owner [of the property in another municipality], or a picture of a document sent by family members, or a death certificate” if attending a funeral.

“However, you have to keep in mind that information may be checked during the following two years,” she added.

– Vilnius. The authorities will establish checkpoints on over a dozen roads leading to the Lithuanian capital,, according to the mayor of Vilnius, Remigijus Šimašius. Police officers will patrol near the main entries to the city where there are usually large flows of cars, he said, adding that some people may attempt to sneak past.

The municipality will not publish a map of all checkpoint locations to avoid playing "a cat and mouse game," according to the mayor.

– Kaunas. Information on entry and exit points will be provided on Friday. “It’s already clear, however, that we will call on the support from the military and the Riflemen’s Union,” said Odeta Vaitkevičienė from the Kaunas police.

– Klaipėda. “There will 34 checkpoints in Klaipėda County, including seven in the city of Klaipėda,” said Andromeda Grauslienė from the Klaipėda police.

“Police officers will stay in the posts together with the military, the Riflemen’s Union," and officials from the public order department at the municipality, she added. It will only be permitted to enter the city via the approved checkpoints.

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