2020.12.16 09:36

MPs propose easing limits on alcohol sales in Lithuania

BNS, LRT.lt2020.12.16 09:36

Lawmakers from the Lithuanian Labour Party have proposed lifting the ban on alcohol sales after 15:00 on Sundays.

Under current laws in Lithuania, introduced by the Farmers and Greens in 2018, alcohol sales in the country are allowed to take place between 10:00 and 15:00 on Sundays and between 10:00 and 20:00 all other days.

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The lawmakers have now proposed to raise the selling hours on Sunday to 20:00, as the current singling out “is not entirely rational”, according to Labour MP Vytautas Gapšys.

Lithuania’s Farmers and Greens Unions had focused on combating the high level of alcohol consumption in the country by raising the legal drinking age to 20, as well as limiting alcohol sales as some of the measures.

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Critics, however, say that the changes had little effect on the country’s scale of drinking. The new government led by the conservative Homeland Union (TS-LKD) said they will review some of the policies, but pledged “no revolution”.

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