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Lithuania moves ahead with quarantine easing: all shops, outdoor bars to reopen

Jonas Deveikis, 2020.04.22 14:36

The Lithuanian government has extended quarantine until May 11, but is also moving ahead with the second stage of lockdown-easing measures.

Starting on Thursday, April 23, all retailers, including those in shopping centres, will be allowed to reopen, as well as other businesses outlined in the second stage of the quarantine exit plan published last week.

The selling of plants, seeds and fertilisers will also be allowed in open-air markets as of April 23.

Starting on Monday, April 27, outdoor cafes, restaurants and bars will be allowed to reopen. Driving and aviation exams will also be able to take place next week.

Meanwhile, hairdressers and beauty salons will be able to reopen as long as they can ensure 10 square metres per client, or serve only one person at a time.

Libraries and museums, including zoos, will also be allowed to reopen under the same requirement to allow 10 square metres per person and maintain a two-metre distance between people.

Outdoor sports fields, including shooting ranges, wakeboarding parks, will be allowed to open. Athletes who represent the country in international competitions will be allowed to train in indoor facilities under the same distance requirements.

Sightseeing paths will be reopened, but not observational towers.

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The government also said that wearing facemasks in public will continue to be mandatory, except while eating. The ban on aggregating in groups larger than two people remains in place.

Last week, the government published a four-stage plan for businesses, setting down a provisional framework for easing quarantine measures.

Small businesses, including non-food retailers and shops providing certain services, were allowed to reopen under set conditions.

The shops need to have direct access from the street, limit face-to-face contact to 20 minutes, and ensure a density of one client per 10 square metres. Only one person can be served at a time, according to the government guidelines.

A decision for mass events, the fourth stage, will be made separately in the future, according to the government.

CORRECTION: Previous version of the article incorrectly stated April 29 as the date when outdoor cafes and bars will be allowed to reopen.

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