2019.07.27 12:00

Lithuanians are going wild for observation towers and swamp paths – photos, LRT TV 2019.07.27 12:00

People are addicted to visiting observation towers and scenic paths, according to the national tourism agency, Lithuania Travel.

Swamp paths were a hit this summer, said Gerda Butkuvienė from Lithuania Travel. “We have updated the Mūša scenic road, which is now the longest path stretching over a swamp,” she said.

According to Butkuvienė, the people are in love with observation towers – last year, almost 2 million Lithuanians travelled across the country, with the key attraction being the various towers offering tree-level views over the scenic surroundings.

“We did a study, where we asked what Lithuanian tourists look for. Number one answer was water – lakes, rivers and seas – and the second answer was observation towers and scenic paths,” she said.

There are over 200 paths stretching across swamps and forests, and some 30 observation towers dotting the countryside.

“The most popular [observation tower] is in Kirkliai, in the Biržai regional park. The lakes around it formed in sandpits,” which is unique in the Baltic region, she said.

Take a look at the pictures below for the most popular locations, according to Lithuania Travel.