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New warm weather records in Lithuania

BNS 2020.02.18 08:00

Three meteorological stations in Lithuania registered new temperature records on Sunday, the Hydrometeorological Service said. 

The northern town of Biržai saw the mercury rise to 6.8 degrees Celsius, beating the previous record of 6.3 degrees set last year.

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The western port city of Klaipėda also experienced its warmest February 16 on record, with temperatures reaching 7.8 degrees, up from the previous high of 6.4 degrees registered in 1995.

The Baltic Sea resort of Palanga had an even warmer day with 9 degrees, well above the previous record of 6.8 degrees set in the same year.

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Meteorologists said that 2019 was the warmest year in Lithuania since records began, largely due to global climate change.

“The change is huge. We have a very big difference from usual conditions and from previous records,” Donatas Valiukas from the Hydrometeorological Service previously told BNS. “Global climate change is the only reason."

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