2020.02.03 16:09

Another month, another record: warmest January since 1778

BNS 2020.02.03 16:09

Last January was the warmest on record in Lithuania, with temperatures averaging 2.8 degrees centigrade, six degrees above the multi-annual average for the month.

The previous record for January was 1.9 degrees, set in 1989, Donatas Valiukas of the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service said in a press release on Monday.

“The coldest January on record in Lithuania was in 1987, the average temperature for the month was 15.1 degrees below zero,” he added.

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In Vilnius, too, January temperatures hit the highest mark since weather records began in 1778, with the 1.9-degree average temperature in the capital last month.

January 2020 was also exceptional in that Lithuania did not have a single day of snow cover, Valiukas noted.

As a result of global climate change, the average January temperature in Lithuania has risen by 2.9 degrees since 1961.

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