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Lithuania is back on China's customs declaration system

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China has renewed customs clearance of Lithuanian imports, the country's business representatives said on Tuesday.

Vidmantas Janulevičius, president of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, has told that as of Tuesday morning Lithuania was back in China's electronic customs declaration system and Lithuanian firms could resume sending shipments to China.

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“Yes, it is, but it's unclear for how long and whether nothing will change. We don’t know. This is information from our companies,” Ričardas Sartatavičius, managing director at the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, told BNS, adding that the European Commission's pressure might have had an impact.

Last week, Lithuanian exporters to China said that their goods were being blocked in the country's ports, because Lithuania had been removed from the customs declaration system.

The glitch was seen in Lithuania as Beijing's move to punish Vilnius for recently opening a Taiwanese representation office.

China has warned Lithuania not to use ‘Taiwan’ in the official designation of the office, saying it breaches the One China policy.

Lithuania's Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis turned to the European Commission on Monday, asking Brussels to intervene.

Pressure remains

Sartatavičius said on Tuesday that the Chinese were putting pressure on Lithuania's foreign partners and also slowing orders for Lithuanian importers.

One garment maker producing for a French company said the Chinese decided to no longer buy from that company, because its goods were produced in Lithuania.

“The French say: resolve this issue or we will be looking for other producers. It might affect a number of our clothing and textile association members,” Sartatavičius said.

“In another case, which happened yesterday, one chemical company that's been buying electronic goods from China for a number of years was notified by one of its suppliers that they would no longer accept their orders,” Sartatavičius told BNS.

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