2021.09.22 08:00

Lithuania to launch tender to build 400km fence on Belarus border

BNS2021.09.22 08:00

Next week, Lithuania is planning to launch a tender for the construction of a 400-kilometre fence along the border with Belarus.

Thirty-four companies from Lithuania, the United States, Israel, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Estonia, and India have expressed interest in the upcoming tender. Fourteen of the firms have submitted comments and recommendations, Epso-G, the state-owned company implanting the project, said on Tuesday.

Meetings have already been held with 11 of them, and Epso-G has interviewed three other large material supply companies on its own initiative, it said in a press release.

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Suppliers involved in the construction of the US-Mexico and India-Pakistan border barriers have also taken interest in the project.

On September 14, Epso-G signed a contract with Tetas, a Lithuanian firm, for the construction of the first 100-kilometre section of the border fence, with work expected to start at the end of the month.

The fence will stretch around 500 kilometres in total. It will not be put up in wetlands and other naturally impassable areas.

Lithuania and Belarus share a border of 679 kilometres, including more than 100 kilometres along rivers and lakes.

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