2021.07.28 13:53

Lithuanian police launch probe into riot during anti-migrant protest

BNS2021.07.28 13:53

Lithuanian police have launched a pre-trial investigation into the organisation of riots during a protest against a would-be migrant camp.

According to the Lithuanian Public Security Service, protesters entered the territory of the Rūdninkai military facility on Monday night, set tires on fire and injured two officers.

The people, including locals, had gathered to protest against plans to house up to 1,500 migrants at the military facility some 35 kilometres from Vilnius.

Under Lithuania’s Criminal Code, a person who organises or provokes people to engage in violence and other grave violations of public order can face up to five years in prison.

If the person uses a firearm or explosives in the unrest, or resists the police, faces up to six years in jail.

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The State Border Guard Service (VSAT) has launched a separate pre-trial investigation into the provocation of riots and gross violation of public order after an incident in Verebiejai, southern Lithuania, on Monday.

During the incident, migrants at a centre staged a protest, refused to eat, blocked access to cleaning staff, and demanded more freedom.

Border guards later took 16 migrants from Verebiejai for questioning over their alleged involvement in the incident. They included citizens of African countries and one Iraqi national.

According to VSAT, 167 migrants now live in Verebiejai.

Alytus District Mayor Algirdas Vrubliauskas says the situation at the migrant accommodation place in the village of Verebiejai is under control and calm.

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