2021.07.19 14:31

Lithuanian FM takes to social media to deter migrants: ‘virtually no one will receive asylum’

BNS2021.07.19 14:31

In a Facebook post in Arabic, Kurdish and English, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis warned on Monday that very few incoming people would get refugee status in Lithuania.

"Those people who tempt you with an easy way to get into the EU – they want to deceive you, they want to rob you of your money, exploiting your credulity or ignorance," Landsbergis wrote.

"In a few days those swindlers, who closely collaborate with the criminals and with Belarusian dictator Lukashenko, will take you at night to the EU border. [...] You will be apprehended by the Lithuanian border guards and transferred to a tent camp. Because you were involved in a cunning crime, virtually no-one of you will receive an asylum and be recognised as a refugee," the Lithuanian foreign minister warned.

He also pointed out that migrants are housed in a tent camp and will be sent back.

"And you will go home. But you will go home without the money you have paid for the trip. You will not get any further into Europe. Even if you escape from the tent camp, you will be returned back – either by our police, or by the police in our neighboring countries,” Landsbergis wrote.

“Those people are lying to you. You don‘t have to be their accomplice in crime," he added.

Over 2,000 migrants who have crossed from Belarus have been detained in Lithuania so far this year.

Lithuanian officials say the Belarusian regime is behind the recent spike in irregular migration.

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