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Spread of coronavirus in Lithuania 'has stopped', says health minister

BNS 2020.04.15 10:19

The ratio of confirmed infections per 100 tests is decreasing, showing that "the spread of the disease has stopped," Lithuanian Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga said on Tuesday

Lithuania confirmed 21 new cases of Covid-19 over Tuesday, preceeding the eight and nine confirmed cases the previous two days.

The minister said on Tuesday the daily testing for the coronavirus had probably peaked and would decline.

“The main wave of people who had contact, returned [from abroad] and were in the risk groups have probably gone through the mobile checkpoints and have been tested,” the minister told reporters on Tuesday.

“Even those who could be tested again to confirm recovery probably stayed at home during the holidays and postponed tests for later,” he said.

"That percentage is constantly decreasing, which shows that the spread of the disease has stopped," the minister said.

Lithuania has recently tested less people due to a drop in requests. Veryga said it may be due to the end of the cold season, when people would suffer from common cold that has similar symptoms to Covid-19.

According to the Health Ministry, 1,987 people were tested for the coronavirus on Tuesday, 1,187 on Monday, 791 on Sunday and 2,113 on Saturday.

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