2020.04.14 15:36

Over 100 Lithuanian artists receive state pay to survive quarantine

Jūratė Skėrytė, BNS 2020.04.14 15:36

Over a hundred artists have received state payouts during the quarantine in Lithuania, the country's Culture Ministry told BNS on Tuesday.

"Forty-seven additional decisions will be made this week, brining the total to 161," Jana Mikulevič, spokeswoman for the ministry, said.

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People who have received payouts, amounting to 607 euros before tax, include actors, directors, painters, photographers, dancers, sculptors, and other artists. They will receive the payments, equal to a minimum monthly salary, in April, May and June.

In all, 3.6 million euros were allocated for the social protection programme for artists this year.

The Ministry of Culture estimates that up to 1,100 artists might be eligible for state payouts during the quarantine. There are 5,202 people having the status of a creator in Lithuania.