2020.04.14 13:30

Vilnius Municipality extends financial support to residents 2020.04.14 13:30

Vilnius residents who experience financial difficulties during the quarantine can apply for one-off or periodic support, according to the municipality.

The support is also open to people who live in Vilnius, though may not have declared official residence in the city, according to the press release.

Two types of financial support are available:

– One-off payouts of up to 975 euros for single-person households with monthly income of under 375 euros or multiple-person households making under 437.50 euros. The support is one-off and may not be granted more than three times per year.
– Periodic benefits of up to 117 euros for working-age residents with no source of income or average monthly income of less than 156.25 euros.

“We want to provide Vilnius residents who are currently facing financial difficulties with comprehensive support,” said Vytautas Mitalas, the deputy mayor of Vilnius. “We also plan to consider new types of benefits in the future, if we see that the current ones are insufficient.”

Vilnius residents can also apply for social benefits and/or a subsidies to help pay their heating, drinking water and hot water bills.

The claims can be submitted online or via email – For more information, contact 8 700 35545.

Residents who face financial problems and seniors unable to pay utility bills due to the quarantine shall temporarily be exempted from default interest – utility companies will not charge interest on late payments.