2020.03.30 09:07

Coronavirus: five patients in intensive care, curve appears to be 'flattening'

BNS, 2020.03.30 09:07

About a fourth of the diagnosed coronavirus patients in Lithuania are treated in hospitals, including five in intensive care, Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga said on Monday as the country's Covid-19 count reached 491.

“A hundred and sixteen patients are hospitalised, four are connected to oxygen in intensive care, there's also one more complicated case with assisted ventilation,” Veryga said during a media briefing.

Another 29 patients need assistance breathing, but their condition is better, he added.

51 infected medics

Seven medical workers in Lithuania tested positive for the novel coronavirus on Monday, bringing the total to 51, the National Public Health Centre.

“There were 44 infected medical workers as of Sunday evening. That figure is 51 today,” Daiva Razmuvienė, an epidemiologist, told BNS.

Seventeen of them are in Vilnius, 15 in Klaipėda, eight in Ukmergė and Kaunas each, and three in Panevėžys, she said.

However, Ukmergė Municipality wrote on Facebook on Monday that a total of 18 healthcare workers in the central Lithuanian town had tested positive for Covid-19.

“Officially, eight people [healtcare workers] have been confirmed in Ukmergė,” Razmuvienė said, adding that the centre was still waiting for official information from the town's authorities about ten other cases.

The ministry said earlier all healthcare staff will be tested for Covid-19. Healthcare institutions will have to take into account specifics and possible risk to decide on how often healthcare specialists would be tested preventively.

Healthcare workers who develop even the mildest symptoms must be tested for the coronavirus infection immediately, the ministry said.

Flattening curve?

There are signs that the coronavirus spread curve in Lithuania is flattening, Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga said on Monday.

“There are indications or signs that our virus spread curve is flattening, rather than spiking upwards,” he said at a news conference.

The number of confirmed cases relative to the number of tests is on the decline, the minister noted, adding that the government’s quarantine measures have helped to slow the spread of the virus.

The flattening of the curve reflects the rate of the virus spread: the steeper the curve, the faster the virus spreads, resulting in hospitals being flooded with seriously ill patients.

31 new cases

Twenty-four new coronavirus cases were confirmed in Lithuania on Monday morning and seven more in the evening. Since the beginning of the epidemic, Covid-19 has been diagnosed to 491 people.

In all, 9,891 tests have been conducted in Lithuania, 1,467 of them on Sunday alone.

Seven people have died of the virus in the country and one has recovered.

The Ministry of Health announced on Sunday that everyone who developed symptoms of an acute respiratory infection would be tested for the new coronavirus.