2020.03.06 16:12

City council member involved in spying investigation in Klaipėda

BNS 2020.03.06 16:12

Two suspects in a spying investigation have been detained in Lithuania's western city of Klaipėda. A city council member was earlier questioned as a special witness in the case.

“We have two suspects and a court has sanctioned their detention for three months,” Ignė Rotautaitė-Pukenė, a spokeswoman for Klaipėda Regional Prosecutor's Office, told BNS.

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Ela Andrejeva, a Klaipėda Council member, was questioned as a special witness in this case earlier this week.

A special witness is someone questioned about their own actions when investigators do not have enough evidence to bring formal charges.

Andrejeva's lawyer says the councilor is cooperating with law enforcement, but denies having acted against Lithuania.

According to earlier reports, one of the suspects is Aleksej Greičius, the managing director of the Baltic Youth Association Juvenis. Viačeslav Titov, a local politician,posted on Facebook that Greičius had been detained.

The spokeswoman for Klaipėda prosecutors, however, would not confirm or deny that Greičius was one of the suspects.

Klaipėda prosecutors issued a statement about the investigation into spying on Tuesday, following public reports that officers had taken Andrejeva out of her home.

Andrejeva is a Klaipėda council member representing the public election committee Titov and Justice. She replaced Titov after he was convicted for defaming a Lithuanian resistance fighter and lost the seat.

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In 2015, Andrejeva ran for Klaipėda Council on the list of the Lithuanian Russian Union, alongside Greičius and Titov.