2020.01.06 16:00

Belarus and NATO in talks on joint military drills

LRT.lt2020.01.06 16:00

Belarus is holding talks with NATO on joint peacekeeping exercises and operations, according to media reports earlier this month.

Talks are also underway for a Belarusian unit to join Italian peacekeepers at the UN Interim Force in Lebanon, as well as stage joint drills with the Italian armed forces, according to the Belarusian Defence Minister Oleg Belokonev.

Belokonev also said Belarus should resemble Serbia, a country close to Russia but with a military training connection to NATO, according to the US armed forces newspaper, Stars and Stripes.

“Belarus is ready for joint exercises with NATO. There are talks on possible formats,” Belokonev told Nasha Niva newspaper earlier in December. “But we will agree on this if NATO understands that Russia is our strategic ally.”

"As far as joint exercises with NATO are concerned, the issue on the agenda is negotiations, and not preparations," the Belarusian Defence Ministry told Russian state news agency TASS.