2019.05.27 11:09

Nausėda hopes to see women in Lithuania's all-men government

BNS2019.05.27 11:09

Lithuania's President-elect Gitanas Nausėda says he would like to see women make at least a third of the country's government. Now, men are in charge of all ministries in Lithuania.

"I have said earlier that I would wish, initially as the program minimum, for women to make at least a third of the government," he told a press conference on Monday.

Nevertheless, he admitted that it would be hard to implement it, having an already-formed government. But, he added, women could be nominated if some of the ministers had to leave.

"Even if some of the ministers change, I will very seriously consider and I hope to have, first of all, women candidates who could assume those positions if some of the ministers had to leave after the government overhaul," Nausėda said.

Nausėda said he's in favor of the Scandinavian attitude to gender equality.

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