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Three of Lithuania’s crowdfunded radars delivered to Ukraine

BNS 2023.05.04 11:49

Three of the 16 radars, purchased with the money raised during the Radarom! crowdfunding campaign in Lithuania, have reached Ukraine this week, Blue/Yellow, a Vilnius-based NGO organising the purchase and delivery of the systems, said on Thursday.

“The first three radars have reached Ukraine and are being deployed in their sectors of operation,” the NGO said on Facebook. “Other radars are being prepared for shipment, and the paperwork is being processed.”

“Due to the highly sensitive air defence situation in Ukraine, we cannot disclose any further information for now,” it added.

The shipment of the radars was delayed in Poland due to a change in procedures, but the permits were obtained after Lithuanian Economy and Innovation Minister Aušrinė Armonaitė went to the neighbouring country to mediate in the process.

The Radarom! crowdfunding campaign, co-organised by LRT, Blue/Yellow, Laisvės TV, 1K Fondas, and Stiprūs Kartu (Strong Together), ran from the end of January until February 24, the first anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The campaign raised 14 million euros. The money was used to buy 12 regular fixed radars and four mobile radars for special tasks.

Blue/Yellow said in late April that all 16 radars had reached Lithuania and that the first three were on their way to Ukraine.

Lithuanian held training for Ukrainian troops to use the radars in March.

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