2021.11.12 11:17

Lithuania changes mask-wearing rules – what you need to know

LRT.lt2021.11.12 11:17

As of Monday, new requirements for wearing protective masks will come into effect in Lithuania.

On Wednesday, the Lithuanian government approved the Health Ministry’s proposal that only medical masks or respirators could be worn in places where mouth and nose coverings are required.

As of October 1, people in Lithuania must wear masks in all indoor public places. Until now, fabric masks were also allowed, but they will have to be replaced with medical masks or respirators.

According to Asta Razmienė, a representative of the National Public Health Center (NVSC), some masks might not be medical despite resembling them.

Medical masks must be made of three layers of non-woven material, Razmienė said. Packaging of medical masks must bear the CE marking and state that masks comply with EN 14683 standard.

According to Razmienė, coloured masks can also be medical. People should look for the necessary marking to make sure that coloured masks meet the medical requirements.

The inner side of a medical mask, coloured or not, must be white to show whether it is dirty, the expert added.

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