2021.09.03 15:53

Male prostitution and extortion taking place inside Lithuanian migrant camp – media

BNS2021.09.03 15:53

Male prostitution, sexual exploitation, as well as extortion are taking place at a migrant camp in Rūdninkai, which exclusive houses single males, news website reported on Friday.

Physically weaker camp residents are extorted to pay for showers, according to the report, which cited a number of sources and information from the Red Cross.

Migrants living in the camp also said they could buy cigarettes and alcohol from specific officers guarding the camp, which houses some 750 men, with the youngest aged 12.

According to the, a caste system has also developed inside, based on ethnicity, race and nationality. The top tier is occupied by Arabs and Kurds, with the lower caste consisting of migrants from African countries, Afghanistan and Syria. The lowest rank in Rūdninkai and other camps includes residents of Sri Lanka, India and other countries of that region.

Similarly as in prisons, the different castes cannot use the same toilets and facilities. More physically able men are able to resist extortion attempts.

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