2021.06.17 17:23

Lithuanian mulls offering Covid-19 vaccine jabs to tourists

BNS2021.06.17 17:23

Lithuania’s Ministry of Economy and Innovation has proposed offering Covid-19 vaccine shots to tourists.

Vaccines would be offered to tourists arriving in Lithuania for more than a week, the ministry said.

“We receive a lot of questions about a possibility to get vaccine shots both from the Lithuanians living abroad and the foreigners living in Lithuania. Hence, the overall aim is to ensure the maximum protection of those who are in Lithuania, which would help control the spread of the disease,” Deputy Economy Minister Vincas Jurgutis told BNS.

This was particularly important in the summer when more people visit Lithuania.

“The more vaccinated people we have, the safer we will be. Therefore, we have to offer a chance to get vaccinated to those who want to receive vaccine shots while staying in Lithuania. And the respective procedure should be as clear as possible,” the official said.

Asked whether this might amount to the so-called “vaccine tourism”, Jurgutis said that “this is not the point of this proposal”.

“However, if there are people who adjust some of their plans due to that [possibility], we do not consider that a big problem,” the deputy minister said.

At the moment, only people living in Lithuania may receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

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