2021.03.25 13:30

After delivery delays, Lithuania to receive Boxer IFVs over next six months

BNS2021.03.25 13:30

The majority of the delayed German Boxer Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) are expected to be delivered over the next six months, Lithuanian Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas said on Thursday.

In August 2016, Lithuania signed the contract to buy 88 German Boxers IFVs, mounted with Israeli-made turrets, for 386 million euros, making it Lithuania's largest-ever military acquisition.

However, the deliveries have been delayed due to the pandemic as well as defects that had to be eliminated, according to Anušauskas.

"The existing situation, as far as I know, has in fact changed and we should receive the majority of this capacity over the next six months, working the way it was supposed to," the minister told the Žinių Radijas radio.

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However, “sligthly fewer” than the ordered 88 vehicles would arrive, he aded.

"We have also made slight amendments to the contract to make them better for us and the new equipment, which usually needs testing, should be delivered ready-to-use," said Anušauskas.

The IFVs will be used by two military battalions, in Rukla and Alytus.

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