2020.11.13 10:31

Lithuania launches website with list of anti-Soviet partisans

BNS2020.11.13 10:31

Lithuania's Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania (LGGRT) launched a new website,, with the first publicly-accessible list of the country’s anti-Soviet resistance fighters. 

The list includes 12,799 names, including those of people killed on the battlefield, executed by firing squads or those who died in prison between 1944 and 1953.

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"Armed anti-Soviet resistance was one of the Lithuanian society's strongest actions in the country's history,” the state-funded research centre said.

“Participants of the partisan war are not only armed fighters, but also people who were not directly affiliated with armed structures. They include partisans' communicators and supporters,” it added.

In the future, the list will be updated with the names of survivors – people who were sent to gulags and later came back, as well as those of resistance participants and their communicators who went into hiding.

The centre has also asked the public for assistance to help provide new information and also correct any mistakes.

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