2020.10.19 12:05

Vilnius bars pledge to take stricter precautions against Covid-19

Margiris Meilutis, BNS2020.10.19 12:05

Owners of bars and restaurants in Vilnius have committed to taking stricter precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, according to a press release by Vilnius Municipality. However, they will not be required to cut working hours.

Vilnius officials met with representatives of bars, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs over the weekend to discuss the details of the deal.

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There will not be any closures of businesses yet, the city officials underlined.

The document sets out clear safety guidelines for food serving and entertainment venues.

Those who opt not to sign the agreement will be subject to stricter controls.

The precautions include wearing facemasks indoors and outdoors all the time except when drinking, eating or smoking, and maintaining physical distance.

Business owners are recommended to take clients' temperature and to register all visitors and keep their phone numbers for 21 days in order to help the National Public Health Centre (NVSC) trace contacts if a coronavirus cluster emerges.

Restaurants and bars are also asked to upload photos on Instagram under the #SafeVilnius hashtag during peak hours each day.

All establishments that sign the agreement will be marked on a special online map and will have special signs on their doors.

Apart from individual businesses, the agreement has already been signed by the Lithuanian Bar and Cafes Association, the Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant Association and the Vilnius Night Alliance.

The deal was reached after the NVSC recommended last week that the city shorten the working hours of bars, among other measures to stem the spread of the virus.