2020.10.07 09:15

‘Carrot the giant’: two-kilogramme harvest record dug up in Lithuania

grokiš, LRT.lt2020.10.07 09:15

A family in Jūžintai, northeastern Lithuania, has dug up a carrot weighing 2.384 kilogrammes and measuring 29 centimetres in length.

“If we had known, we would have been more protective,” Danutė Krupliauskienė told grokiš “As we dug [in the garden], its ‘children’ [offshoots] fell from carrot the giant.”

According to Krupliauskienė, they did not water or spray it with fertiliser, only added horse manure to the soil last autumn.

“Maybe we will cut it up for Christmas and will make something tasty,” she said.

Factum agency will register the carrot in the Lithuanian Book of Records, according to Krupliauskienė.

The giant carrot now joins the ranks of a bloated potato and a mushroom king as the undisputed champions of this year’s harvest in Lithuania.