2020.09.29 10:26

Lithuanian woman finds a ‘king of all mushrooms’

Dimitrijus Kuprijanovas, rinkosaikste.lt2020.09.29 10:26

A woman from a village in central Lithuanian has found a giant mushroom, a penny bun weighing 1.651 kilograms. While this autumn is particularly good for mushroom pickers, it is a once-in-a-lifetime find, she says.

The lucky woman is Elvyra Činikienė from Aristava village in Kėdainiai District. An experienced mushroom picker has been dreaming of discovering a giant penny bun for more than six decades.

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“I found it in Griniškis forest. I saw the giant and I did not know what to say. I was speechless. I just looked at it silently. For the first time in my life, I saw such a gigantic mushroom,” Činikienė said.

Next to the giant mushroom, the woman discovered another one weighing almost one kilogram.

“I found two giants in the same place. I thought they were worm-eaten. But on the contrary, they were both perfect mushrooms. Finding mushrooms that are so large and not worm-eaten is like a miracle,” the woman said.

There are plenty of mushrooms in Lithuanian forests this year, she noted. But penny buns are called the ‘mushroom king’ in Lithuania and only experienced pickers know the best places where to look for them.

“If you went to an unknown forest, most likely, you would not find anything. But people bring baskets full of mushrooms from our forests. On that day, I also filled two baskets with beautiful mushrooms,” Činikienė said.