2020.06.10 09:15

Lithuania publishes map of quirky takes on pink soup šaltibarščiai

LRT.lt2020.06.10 09:15

Lithuania Travel, the state tourism promotion agency, has published a map of the quirkiest takes on the timeless Lithuanian icon, Šaltibarščiai.

Spread across Lithuania, restaurants offer deviations from the cold beetroot norms that include ice cream, shellfish, or raspberry beer.

Šaltibarščiai is traditionally made by mixing Kefyras – trending overseas as Kefir – with pickled beetroot, spring onions, cucumbers, dill, eggs and potatoes on the side. Or inside.

According to Lithuania Travel, the classic summer dish was first mentioned 300 years ago. The nobility in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania used to welcome travellers after a long journey with a bowl of the creamy delight.

The heatwave last summer – combined, incidentally, with a record amount of travellers in Lithuania – nearly led to a nationwide shortage of the staple dish.

You can find the map with the list of restaurants, here.

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