2020.05.20 15:00

Lithuanian distributes a third of planned job subsidies

Paulius Viluckas, BNS 2020.05.20 15:00

The Lithuanian government has already paid out about a third of the subsidies, payouts and compensations aimed at preserving jobs, according to an official.

“Speaking of measures aimed at preserving jobs and people's incomes, a total of more than 146 million euros have been paid out, or 29 percent of the total funding for this area,” Government Vice Chancellor Lukas Savickas told reporters on Wednesday. “Over the past week alone, almost 36 million euros were paid out.”

Forty million euros has been paid out to compensate wages for furloughed workers, he said.

Invega, a government agency tasked to support small and medium-sized enterprises, has also stepped up its measures lately, Savickas said, paying out 62 million euros to businesses.

In total, Invega administers funds in excess of 1.3 billion euros.

Additionally, businesses have deferred 368 million euros of tax payments, according to Savickas.

The Lithuanian government has allocated a total of 500 million euros for measures aimed at maintaining jobs and incomes for households.