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Dentists, gyms, indoor bars and cafes reopen in Lithuania

Lithuania is further easing restrictions on Monday, allowing indoor bars and restaurants to reopen, as well as kindergartens and gyms under strict operating rules.

Restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues are allowed to operate indoors from 08:00 until 22:00, but will have to ensure a space of five square metres per person. Casinos and other gaming establishments are also allowed to operate within these hours.

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The government is also relaxing the quarantine rules for sports activities. Starting Monday, professional athletes will no longer be required to maintain physical distancing while exercising, and gyms are allowed to reopen. Measuring visitors' temperature is recommended.

Gyms will have to ensure at least five square metres per visitor and make sure that they are located at least two meters apart. Group exercises will be limited to ten people unless they are members of the same family.

All staff, including sports instructors and coaches, will have to wear face masks, respirators or other equipment indoors.

Children are allowed to return to informal education groups. To ensure safety, groups will be limited to ten children. A space of at least five metres per child will have to be ensured indoors.

Up until now, only a small portion of kindergartens have accepted children of parents who cannot work from home.

Beauty salons, which were allowed to reopen last month, will now be able to offer more services, including tattooing and hair and face care. Dentists are also allowed to resume their services.

Lithuania was placed under wide-scale quarantine on March 16 to stop the spread of the coronavirus and it was later extended until May 31.

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