2020.04.16 13:14

NATO troops 'fall victim' to coronavirus disinformation – Lithuanian defence minister

BNS2020.04.16 13:14

Lithuanian Defence Minister Raimundas Karoblis said Allied troops also "fall victim to the corona fake news quite often" and called to strengthen EU and NATO cooperation.

"Allied troops also fall victim to the corona fake news quite often," he said during a teleconference of NATO defence ministers on Wednesday.

"Therefore, we find it necessary to keep strengthening cooperation between NATO and the EU, especially [in] public resilience, military movement facilitation, and strategic cooperation," he told his counterparts.

The ministers discussed NATO’s response to pandemic-related disinformation attacks, as well as support for countries facing the crisis, the Lithuanian Defence Ministry said in a press release. They also agreed on recommendations for increasing resilience to disinformation.

"We have been monitoring consistent attempts to spread disinformation aimed at undercutting the confidence in the decisions made by countries to manage the spread of the coronavirus," Karoblis said. "Solidarity and unity are the best response to any crisis."

The Lithuanian defence minister also called to continue deterrence and defence measures despite the ongoing pandemic.

"The ministers reiterated the unchanging NATO deterrence and defence posture, as well as international operations, despite the challenges presented by contributions to the current crisis response," according to the ministry's press release.

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