2020.03.24 13:01

Dutch soldier with coronavirus may be sent home from Lithuania

BNS 2020.03.24 13:01

A Dutch soldier who was diagnosed with Covid-19 last week while serving in Lithuania may be evacuated to the Netherlands, Lithuania's defence minister said.

“The infected soldier was hospitalised. As far as I know, he has mild symptoms and may be released from hospital. One of the options may be to evacuate him to the Netherlands,” Karoblis told LRT RADIO on Tuesday.

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“His primary contacts were within [NATO's] enhanced Forward Presence battalion and, naturally, the situation is being primarily dealt with by the allies' medical staff,” the minister said.

“He could have been in contact with some other members of the Lithuanian professional military service, but I think the situation is under control,” he added.

The minister said a civilian staff member diagnosed with Covid-19 had no direct contact with the military personnel.

Apart from the Dutch soldier and the civilian staff member, no other coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Lithuania's military units, he said.

Around 300 Lithuanian military personnel are currently in self-isolation, according to Karoblis.

In all, Lithuania has confirmed 187 coronavirus cases by Tuesday noon.