2020.03.09 18:00

Lithuania records 13 straight months of positive migration

BNS2020.03.09 18:00

February was the 13th month in a row when more people came to Lithuania than left the country, according to Statistics Lithuania.

Last month, 4,531 people arrived in Lithuania, including 1,845 Lithuanian citizens. In January, the respective figures were 4,050 and 2,278.

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Meanwhile the number of departures stood at 3,133 (2,231 among them Lithuanian nationals) in February and 3,422 (2,423 Lithuanians) in January.

Audra Sipavičienė, the head of the Vilnius office of the International Organization for Migration, notes that while overall migration has been positive, the number of departing Lithuanians still exceeds that of returnees.

“We've had improving trends for some time now. Emigration, both general and among Lithuanian citizens, has been on the decline, and immigration has been on the increase, due mostly to third-country arrivals,” the migration expert told BNS.

“However, the number of emigrating Lithuanian citizens remains higher than that of returnees, although insignificantly, so we still have negative net migration among Lithuanian citizens,” she added.

According to Sipavičienė, the reasons behind the continuing decline in emigration include the UK's departure from the EU.

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Janaury 2019 was the last time when Lithuania recorded negative net migration.

Last year, around 40,000 people came to the country and 29,200 left it, according to Statistics Lithuania.

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