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EU to compensate Lithuania for emigration

Vaidotas Beniušis, BNS 2020.02.24 10:25

EU draft budget for Lithuania stipulates 200 million euros in emigration compensation.

"Our argument on depopulation has reached the hearts and minds of Brussels specialists," Nausėda told journalists on Friday. "I believe that achievement will not go anywhere as it has been already affirmed."

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Compensation for countries with a high emigration figure was included into the draft budget published on the eve of the summit.

If confirmed, the money will be added to the cohesion funding aimed at reducing the economic disparity between Europe's wealthiest and poorest regions.

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Nausėda said people who left contribute to the development of Western European economies, and emigration has increased pressure on the Lithuanian society.

"We are a paying country and a net contributor in some sense, as our people who left Lithuania only because the wages were higher in the West are our contribution to the EU wellbeing," the Lithuanian president said.

EU leaders on Friday failed to reach a budget agreement for the next seven years.

"In our view, this proposal is not ambitious enough to implement the goals of cohesion nor the Common Agricultural Policy." he said.

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