2020.01.28 11:31

Salad, Dracula and Lithuania among oddest Croatian surnames

LRT.lt2020.01.28 11:31

Twelve people in Croatia carry the last name Litva, indicating that their ancestors came from Lithuania. Almost as many derive their surnames from the words ‘hen’, ‘buttocks’ or ‘salad’.

A survey of the most common surnames in the west Balkan country shows that national origin is a popular way of naming people, reports. As a result, there are a dozen people in Croatia with the surname Litva (Lithuania), Katar (Qatar) and 13 people named Paragvaj (Paraguay).

The most popular surnames in the country, however, are Knežević, derived from the title knez (duke), and Horvat, meaning Croat.

The survey also revealed some humorous last names. For example, about a dozen people in Croatia are called Kokoš (hen), Guzanović (buttocks) and Salata (salad). There are 56 registered Drakulas.

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