News2020.01.21 09:47

Lithuanian military purchasing 25 Arocs trucks for €10m

BNS 2020.01.21 09:47

Lithuania is buying new special-purpose Arocs trucks for its Armed Forces for around 10 million euros, the Defence Ministry said on Monday.

A contract on the purchase of the trucks was signed on Monday by the Lithuanian Defence Materiel Agency and Silberauto, the representative of the German carmaker Daimler in Lithuania.

Four carmakers bid for the contract to supply trucks for transporting platforms and containers.

Lithuania plans to buy 25 Arocs trucks over a period of four years, with the first vehicles to be delivered within 12 months.

The tactical trucks with a payload capacity of up to 16 tons will be used by the Land Force and other units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces to transport PzH 2000 ammunition, containers, vehicles, equipment and other military supplies.

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