2019.10.22 17:00

Cyber security drills pin Lithuanian media, private and military sectors in fight against hacking 2019.10.22 17:00

Media organisations and specialists from the public and private sectors are taking part in Lithuanian cyber security and defence exercise, Cyber Shield 2019. This year sees the participation of media representatives for the first time, according to the Lithuanian Defence Ministry press release. 

Cyber Shield 2019 taking place on October 22-24 “gives the participating organisations an opportunity to test the effectiveness of their cyber incident management plans,” Defence Vice Minister Edvinas Kerza said in the press release.

News organisations, including the leading Lithuanian online outlets DELFI, 15min.,,,, BNS, Verslo Žinios, and, are also taking part in the drills for the first time, based on the earlier cooperation agreement signed in 2018 with the Defence Ministry and the National Cyber Security Centre.

Kerza underscored the similarity between cyber incident management and first aid. “You will probably be short on time, under pressure from you leadership,” said Kerza.

The drills are designed to simulate cyber incidents that the National Cyber Security Centre responds to on a daily basis.

According to the exercise director, Deividas Stumbras, the drills allows the transfer of knowledge from one organisation to the other.

It’s also the first time that the activities are based on the NATO cyber security principle of “train as you fight,” according to the Lithuanian MoD.

Participating organisations will join the drills with their actual capabilities and procedures, with no additional personnel or equipment allocated for the participants.

Cyber Shield 2019 is co-organised by the National Cyber Security Centre under the Ministry of Defence, and Kaunas University of Technology.