2019.07.26 13:00

Almost a quarter of Lithuanians in relative poverty 2019.07.26 13:00

Some 22.9 percent of Lithuanians lived in relative poverty in 2018, the number unchanged since 2017. In total, around 645,000 people were living below the risk of poverty threshold, according to Statistics Lithuania.

In cities, 18.8 percent of people were below the threshold, compared to 31.3 percent in the countryside. Most vulnerable people were aged 65 and above, out of whom 37.7 percent were living in relative poverty, showing a 4.3-percent increase since 2017.

Absolute poverty level in Lithuania stood at 11.1 percent last year.

Income levels determining the risk of poverty threshold stood at €345 per individual, and €724 per household of four per month.

Absolute poverty was monthly income of €245 per individual, and €515 per household of four.