2019.07.02 08:55

June in Lithuania was hottest on record, meteorologists say

BNS 2019.07.02 08:55

"June was really the warmest, as the average monthly temperature stood at 20.1 degrees centigrade, which is around 4,7 degrees over the average multiannual norm of 15.4 degrees," Donatas Valiuas of the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service, told BNS.

The previous record in June was in 1999 when the average temperature was 18.4 degrees.

"Compared to a number of previous years, this June was not normal both in terms of the heatwaves and high temperatures," Valiukas said.

Warmer than usual weather is also expected over the next four weeks, with the average monthly temperature in July forecast to be one degree higher than that usual 17.9 degrees.