2019.04.30 09:57

Lithuanians draw baby name inspiration from Star Wars

LRT.lt2019.04.30 09:57

A Star Wars fever was in full swing among Lithuanian parents last year. The most popular baby names were Luke and Lea, after the sibling protagonists of George Lucas`s space epic.

In Lithuanian, these names are spelled Lukas and Lėja. The latter still ranks as the most popular name for baby girls this year, while Lukas has been outranked by Dominykas (Dominic).

Lithuania's Centre of Registers tracks naming trends of newly-borns and compiles lists of the most popular names for boys and girls.

Over the first three months of this year, the most popular names for boys were: Dominykas, Lukas, Jokūbas (Jacob), Matas (Matthew), Nojus (Noah), Herkus, Benas, Gabrielius, Kajus and Augustas.

For girls: Lėja, Emilija, Luknė, Sofija, Amelija, Viltė, Gabija, Patricija, Kamilė, Saulė and Austėja.