2022.08.09 12:46

Military drills start in Panevėžys and western Lithuania

BNS 2022.08.09 12:46

Military exercises are starting in Panevėžys city and district, as well as western Lithuania on Tuesday, the armed forces have said.

The Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf’s King Mindaugas Hussar Battalion will hold a field tactical exercise for ten days in the city of Panevėžys and its district until August 19.

Meanwhile, in western Lithuania, Portugal’s rotational forces and a reconnaissance squad from the Lithuanian Great Hetman Jonas Karolis Chodkevičius’ Motorised Infantry Brigade Žemaitija will hold drills at the Alksnynė Defense Complex and the Curonian Lagoon until August 12.

Under the exercise scenario, the city of Panevėžys and its district will be declared a military operation territory. Troops will train to perform various operations, manage the security situation, and interact with civil organisations, as well as other state institutions and force structures.

The exercise is held annually, and this year, it will involve around 600 troops with military equipment and may involve the use of imitational ammunition during the day.

During the exercise in the Curonian Lagoon, around 100 Lithuanian and Portuguese allied troops will infiltrate the Curonian Lagoon by boat. The troops will train during the day and at night and will use imitational ammunition.