2022.01.26 17:24

Lithuanian government approves strategy to prep society for resistance

BNS2022.01.26 17:24

On Wednesday, the Lithuanian government approved a strategy to prepare the country’s population for armed and civil resistance in case of external threats or a military conflict.

The main objective is "to build citizens' resilience to prevent a potential aggressor, for example, from carrying out information attacks [or] cyber attacks”, Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas said in a press release.

The document sets out four objectives: to strengthen the society’s resilience, to strengthen the civic will of society, and to build knowledge and skills for both armed and unarmed resistance.

"This is a conceptual framework that lays out the guidelines, and concrete measures are a separate issue," the minister said.

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He noted that the strategy places a great deal of focus on the Riflemen's Union (Šaulių Sąjunga), a civilian paramilitary organisation. The strategy, drafted by the ministry, is yet to be approved by the parliament.

Anušauskas said it was a coincidence that the strategy was submitted to the government for approval at a time of mounting tensions in the region.

Russia has amassed more than 100,000 troops and military hardware near its border with Ukraine, including in Belarus, making the West increasingly concerned about a major military conflict in Europe.

NATO allies announced on Monday that they were putting forces on standby and sending additional ships and fighter jets to the Baltic states and Eastern Europe.

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