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Short stories of Lithuanian photography. Violeta Bubelytė

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LRT and MO Museum bring you a series of videos presenting key Lithuanian photographers.

Violeta Bubelytė entered Lithuanian photographic history as an author of bold self-nudes.

„10 Lietuvos fotografijos istorijų“. Drąsių autoaktų autorė Violeta Bubelytė: pozavau sau kurdama personažus (su subtitrais anglų k.)

In the early 1980s, she stood in front of her own lens, doing away with the need to hire models and making it easier to realise her ideas.

Nudity for her was a way to move away from the social and cultural meanings attached to clothes.

The photographer likes to stress that she does not study or capture herself, but is creating characters.

Her works show same women appearing very different. The images are often doubled or tripled even within the same frame, interacting with each other or deliberately disassociating.

Bubelytė’s work is often discussed within Lithuanian feminist art. She portrays women primarily as autonomous thinking and feeling beings, rather than attractive soulless bodies. This makes her photos comparable to works by famous feminist artists.

In her most recent work, Bubelytė remains faithful to her principle of mono-performance. Her body, which has changed over the years, gives her more distance from herself and more self-confidence. There’s less youthful fragility and more space for theatricality.

The artist continues to play with her favourite Renaissance motifs – curtains, veils, mirrors.

Her work is increasingly well-known and appreciated not only in Lithuania, but also in Europe.

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