2021.09.23 14:40

No restrictions on economic activities under new quarantine, Lithuanian PM assures

BNS2021.09.23 14:40

As Lithuanian government mulls reintroducing national quarantine amid growing coronavirus infections, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė says there are no plans to restrict economic activities.

“Quite on the contrary, we want to avoid economic activity restrictions,” Šimonytė told reporters on Thursday.

According to her, the government has promised that there will not be more restrictions, if people get vaccinated, and now must keep the promise.

She also pointed out that the quarantine would merely be a legal formality, required to reintroduce mandatory facemasks.

“Restrictions on activities were discussed, but the government saw no need to agree to such a proposal,” the prime minister said.

Government institutions in Lithuania are still considering whether a quarantine has to be introduced in the country in order to decree mandatory mask-wearing.

Under current rules, people with immunity are recommended, but not required, to wear facemasks in indoor public places.

Ministers plan to go back to the issue next week.

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