2021.09.08 16:03

Vilnius grants permit for anti-vaccination rally on Friday

BNS2021.09.08 16:03

Vilnius Municipality has issued a permit for the Lithuanian Family Movement to stage a rally in the capital's central square on Friday to protest against the government's restrictions on people without immunity to Covid-19.

The municipality previously denied a permit for a rally outside the parliament, claiming spatial constraints and security concerns following a previous protest that turned into a riot on August 10.

"The municipality has decided jointly with the police to allow the rally in Cathedral Square to take place," Adomas Bužinskas, deputy chief executive officer at Vilnius City Municipality, told reporters on Wednesday.

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There is more space in Katedros Square than in Nepriklausomybes Square outside the parliament building where the Family Movement's previous rally took place, he noted.

The organisers expect Friday's event to attract 5,000 to 10,000 people. They were earlier denied a permit for a rally of up to 15,000 people outside the parliament on October 10.

As of next Monday, people who do not have the Covid-19 immunity certificate, the so-called Opportunity Pass (Galimybių Pasas), will be barred from large shops, gyms, as well as various other activities.

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