2021.08.09 09:46

As Iraq suspends flights to Minsk, Lithuania records no migrant entries third day in row

BNS, LRT.lt2021.08.09 09:46

After Iraq suspended all flights to Minsk, Lithuania has recorded a drop in irregular entries from Belarus.

On Friday evening, the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority announced it would be suspended all flights to Minsk “until further notice”, adding that the only flights going to Belarus would be empty and would “bring Iraqi citizens back”.

Fly Baghdad, a private airline, continued to land in the Belarusian capital, but later cancelled its flights as well.

In the past three days, Lithuania recorded a drop in irregular arrivals. After being given the right to use force and deny entry, the country’s border guards pushed back 150 undocumented migrants on Sunday, wth similar numbers reported over the past several days.

The country has not admitted irregular migrant arrivals for three days in a row.

Over 4,000 migrants – mostly Iraqi citizens – have crossed into Lithuania from Belarus irregularly so far this year in what Vilnius officials say is an organised campaign by the Belarusian regime and an act of “hybrid aggression”.

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