2021.07.13 17:30

Lithuanian parliament designates irregular migration via Belarus as ‘hybrid aggression’

BNS2021.07.13 17:30

On Tuesday, the Lithuanian parliament adopted a resolution calling the recent spike in irregular migration via Belarus "hybrid aggression".

The document states that the organised movement of migrants is aimed at destabilising the situation in Lithuania. According to the ruling conservative Homeland Union (TS-LKD), the resolution was initiated by the ruling majority in the parliament in cooperation with leaders of the majority of opposition groups and was backed by 56 lawmakers, with two votes against and 24 abstentions.

The adopted resolution states that "countries hostile towards Lithuania are carrying out hybrid aggression against the Republic of Lithuania" by organising irregular migration.

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It also expressed concern that "this hybrid aggression can be further developed and exploited and can even be used as a basis for threats of new nature in the context of the large-scale military exercise Zapad", due to be held in Russia and Belarus in the autumn.

Therefore, the resolution calls on the government to step up the protection of the border between Lithuania and Belarus through the involvement of the Lithuanian military and the construction of a physical barrier as soon as possible.

The document also calls for measures to ensure that the organisers of migration, including natural and legal persons in Belarus, are held accountable and placed under national and EU sanctions.

The resolution also proposed treating foreign nationals who cross the Lithuanian border without ID documents – excluding women with children, pregnant women, people with disabilities and those under 16 – as possible active participants of the ongoing hybrid attack. Therefore, they should be subject to different detention and accommodations conditions.

Moreover, the resolution proposed launching an information campaign in the migrants' countries of origin and also ensuring their return.

If the so-called hybrid aggression intensifies, the resolution calls for the launch of consultations with NATO member countries.

A total of 1,676 foreigners have been detained near Lithuania's border with Belarus so far this year, up more than 20 times from last year.

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