2021.05.28 14:39

Lithuania expels two Belarusian 'intelligence officers'

LRT.lt2021.05.28 14:39

Lithuania has expelled two Belarusian "intelligence officers working under diplomatic cover", the country's Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said on Friday.

Landsbergis tweeted that the two expelled embassy workers were "intelligence officers working under diplomatic cover".

Earlier on Friday, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement that "two members of the embassy's staff [were declared] personae non gratae, because they had carried out activities incompatible with their diplomatic status”. They were given seven days to leave Lithuania.

The decision was a show of “solidarity” with Latvia after Belarus expelled two Latvian diplomats “without justification”, the ministry added.

On Monday, Belarus expelled “almost all” Latvian diplomats after a white-red-white flag, associated with the country’s opposition, was raised in Riga instead of the formal Belarusian flag. Latvia responded on Monday by expelling Belarusian diplomats.

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