2021.02.15 17:30

Queues form outside second-hand clothing stores in Vilnius

LRT.lt2021.02.15 17:30

After small shops and businesses have reopened as part of lockdown easing, queues have formed outside several of the Humana second-hand clothing stores in Vilnius.

Representatives of the chainc onfirmed to that they have expected a larger flow of customers. When the government announced the lockdown easing plan, they have been received enquires from clients, the representative said.

Although shops and service providers with a floorspace of under 300 square metres have been allowed to reopen, they still have to ensure 20 square metres per customer.

This requirement has been criticised by some hairdressers, who have also been allowed to resume their services, as excessive.

“The conditions haven’t been thought through – we will have to pay rent, bills, and we will hand over what we have earned,” Natalija Zakhar, hairdresser at a salon in Vilnius, told LRT TV.

They have resumed working not only because it makes sense financially, buut only to keep their clients. “If we lose the people, when the quarantine is lifted completely, we will have no one to work with,” she said.

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Her beauty salon has two spaces, but one of them is below 20 square metres, meaning they can only serve one customer at a time.

“We don’t have enough square metres, so we will work in half-day [shifts],” said Zakhar.

Meanwhile, some hairdressers have also reported an influx of customers, with some beauty salons filling their appointments one month ahead, according to the Baltic News Service.

Lithuania’s lockdown phase-out plan is based on the number of coronavirus cases per 100,000 people over the past 14 days. The country’s current rate stands at 270.3.

The following lockdown easing steps are scheduled to take place when the number drops below 200.