2020.11.06 14:00

Lithuania monitors mink farms after Denmark detects coronavirus mutation

BNS2020.11.06 14:00

Lithuania is watching out for possible coronavirus mutations in mink farms, the Agriculture Ministry said after Denmark decided to cull all minks grown in the country.

“The Veterinary Service has assured that there are no signs of Covid-19 at Lithuanian farms and called on animal farms to ensure that if workers develop any symptoms, they be isolated from contact with fur animals,” Jurga Vaičiūnė, a spokeswoman for Lithuania's Agriculture Ministry, told BNS on Thursday.

Česlovas Tallat-Kelpša, the president of the Lithuanian Animal Breeders Association, says Lithuanian businesses are very concerned about the coronavirus mutation in Denmark.

“We have tightened the conditions and constantly ask workers that if they feel even minor illness, they should not go to work. We are not stopping wage payments so that people do not decide to got to work in order to maintain their income. […] We are concerned, first of all, about people,” he said.

Figures from the Agriculture Ministry show 71 breeders in Lithuania are growing 1.9 million animals.

Denmark, the world's largest producer of mink fur, said on Wednesday it would cull all minks at fur farms after a new mutated coronavirus version was detected spreading among the people. Some 12 Danes have already contracted the virus that mutated in minks.

Scientists are concerned that the mutated virus might fully or partially invalidate the coronavirus vaccines being developed at the moment.

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